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Without trying to undermine Windows 11's many optimistic features, there are times when using it doesn't feel right. You can blame it on habit, but the Taskbar and menus occasionally seem counterintuitive. You might feel like you need to take extra steps to complete a task that you could complete with a single click in earlier Windows versions. ‌

Although Windows 11 has many tweaks and improvements over Windows 10, many users think Windows 10 provides a productive environment for work. A fast response came from a Github developer, Valentin Gabriel Radu, with a magic tool known as Explorer Patcher. ‌


What does it do?

‌ Explorer Patcher is a simple and helpful tool to restore Windows 11's productive working environment. It allows the Taskbar to be similar to Windows 10 once again. The application requires the Microsoft C/C++ Optimizing Compiler to work effectively. Additionally, you can choose between the taskbars for Windows 11 and Windows 10. If you are looking for a way to restore the Windows 10 Taskbar and File Explorer in Windows 11, Explorer Patcher may help you. This freeware program adds a .DLL to C:Windows and automatically downloads all the required files to your computer to make it possible. According to the developer, this project aims to bring back Windows 10 productive working environment to Windows 11. ‌ ‌

How Explorer Patcher works

‌ This patcher needs to be installed in the primary Windows 11 folder rather than an application. According to the developer, the DLL file's purpose is to enable additional functionality in the new operating system. This functionality may include, but is not limited to, the option to show the "All apps" list, bringing back the original power user menu, and more. First, make sure your PC's Internet connection is active and restart Internet Explorer before you can finish the setup. The OS will now begin downloading more files from Microsoft; once the download is finished, you must restart Explorer for the changes to take effect. It is time to get going with patcher and make your Windows 11 better. When it comes to an operating system, it should be always about the convenience and efficiency. And also regarding navigation, the user should be able to navigate through things easily. Therefore Explorerpatcher can surely help you with that. It is time to get going with ep setup and make your Windows 11 better. And also If you like to have modification manager for your gaming content, you can use Frosty Mod manager ‌ ‌


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